easyOPC-Server 1.17

OPC enables PLC data to be accessed transparently
1.17.1114 (See all)

The easy OPC server is a new addition to Moeller's easy product range. OPC was first introduced for the HMI software in the PLC market in 1996 and stands for interoperability. OPC enables PLC data to be accessed transparently and eliminates the need for the otherwise wide range of different drivers and interfaces required. Experts agree that use of OPC (OLE for Process Control) is continuing to grow and the technology is constantly being further developed. Moeller's easy OPC server combines the Windows programming world directly with the Moeller easy500, 700, 800 and the MFD-Titan.
The easy OPC server offers direct data access, regardless of whether this involves meter values, operating hours counters, or the I/O states of systems or machines. All marker states can likewise be written back to the easy or MFD-Titan, resets can be carried out or setpoints defined. easy OPC server is part of easySoft Professional

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